1 lb away from Wonderland…

According to my sister the term “Wonderland” in the weight-loss community is when one drops down into the 100 lbs zone. I’ve been bopping around 216 lbs to 200 lbs for the last 5 or so years and occasionally I break into Wonderland but I kick myself out right away. You see I can never go past 198 lbs… EVER! But this time is a bit different, as I have planned my meals like crazy and I have been super strict with my diet. I’m on week 3 of the Keto diet and the results I’ve been getting are wonderful. Hope to talk all about that soon. I’ll have a big update on my progress this week. I’m so tired right now, I been working on class work for my Pharmacology class. So much to go over still! AHHH! Pre-Nursing is a hard life lol

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